Common computer problems

How to get them fixed fast

Printer problems

If it doesn't print at all, make sure it's plugged in and the cable that connects it to the computer is firmly attached. Check any warning lights on your printer and read what the manual says about them. If this doesn't do it, try printing with notepad. Get into notepad by clicking on the start button, select run, type in notepad and enter or in Vista just type notepad in the entry area at the bottom of the start area. Type a few words in notepad and select print from the file menu. If this still doesn't do it, use your operating system troubleshooting help which will give you step by step instructions to track down the problem.

CD or DVD not working

Clean the CD or DVD with a soft cloth if it seems to be dirty. Next, Try a known working DVD to see if it works. If it does, the problem is with the DVD. If not, use your operating system troubleshooting first and then if necessary the other resources mentioned in the troubleshooting article.

You hear no sound

To fix computer sound, try headphones or another pair of speakers to see whether the problem lies with the speakers or your computer. If this fails use your operating system troubleshooting help which will give you step by step instructions to track down the problem.

No Windows task bar at the bottom of your screen

Move the mouse around the edges of your screen until the cursor looks like a double arrow, then left-click and drag the arrow away from the edge of the screen until you see the task bar.

Mouse or pointer problem - eek!

Use your windows key or press down the ctrl key (at either end of the bottom of your keyboard) and hold it and press esc (all the way at the top left) while still holding it to get to the start button window. For movement and selection use either your up and down arrows or tab and shift-tab to move around the screens. Press enter to make a selection. Then use your operating system troubleshooting help.

Network or Internet problem

If you have a router, disconnect it and wait a minute and reconnect it. Next, try disconnecting the Internet Modem from your cable or DSL vendor, wait 2 minutes and try again. If the lights don't come on as usual, contact your cable or DSL company to see if there is any outage.

Even if there isn't one, the provider's tech support should be able to get you back working.

Virus or spyware

Be sure to have the computer internet security that you need. If you don't have working protection software, run a free virus scan at the site of a major vendor, such as Trend Micro or Panda Software or download AVG free software.

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