Computer network problems can be complex

Here are the the tools necessary to solve Vista and XP network connection problems

Home networks can be considered to consist of 3 basic layers or sections:

  1. the internet connection
  2. the networking equipment - This is the hardware that provides the network capability. This includes the modem, router, network adapters and cables.
  3. the devices that are connected to the network - This includes computers, printers and any other equipment connected to the network.

A problem can occur in any one of these areas and the proper way to find and fix problems is to check each layer in turn. This general approach can be used to correct any issue.

Network connection problems that can occur include the following and more:

  • unable to connect to other computers on my home network, or not able to share files and printers with them
  • can't connect to home network
  • getting disconnected from the network periodically
  • windows says you have limited or no connectivity
  • network connection is too slow

To solve problems on Vista, use the Microsoft Vista network help.

To solve problems on XP, use the Microsoft XP network help.

Happy networking.

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