Find a niche with niche finder software

What is a niche? It's a profitable topic that you can dominate for fun and profit

In other words, a niche is a topic area that shows high profit promise with minimal competition. It is based on the concept of long tailkeywords which are keywords that are not the most searched for but are searched for enough be of interest. If a bunch of these keywords have little competition but relate to things that people are ready to pay for, the chances of making some good money on this topic are high.

A more detailed description of niches can be found in the SEO software review article.

Niche finder software programs

  1. Micro Niche Finder - This program is a basic niche finder which lists sets of keywords and provides their search counts andcompetition counts. Version 2 is a bit unfriendly in that you need to manually click on individual keyword item results such as number of competitors to have the program retrieve the value desired.

    Garry Conn has reviewed this program and states as follows: "If you choose to purchase Micro Niche Finder, I stand by my long term opinion and feel that it is a wonderful investment; however, I also stand strong on stating that if you don’t use the program in a way that will help you write content that actually educate, entertain or properly inform people, then it will be useless as its just a matter of time before Google catches up to you and shuns your bogus and bunk content."

    Another comprehensive review is provided by the Affiliate Marketers Blog

  2. Niche Inspector (Buyer Beware!) - This was a powerful program that automated the method that Myleena Phan has described (It is avaiable at this affiliate pdf site under the name NicheInspectorFormula.pdf).

    Her analysis of niche finding is brilliant and the PDF is a very worthwhile read. The program provided tools to greatly accelerate the process.

    It provided robust brainstorming, traffic and profitability analysis information. This was the most polished niche finding product of the bunch.

  3. One lingering problem was that it ran a large number of Google queries. This may cause Google to suspend your search ability until you enter a captcha. When Google brings you to the Google sorry page, select the option to indicate that your entire network is affected and they will remove the captcha requirement quickly.

    The current version's multiple keyword function does not work. There have also been reports of failure to supply the program after payment and they also have not paid commissions to their affiliates. There is no response from their support line.

  4. Nichebot - This is a subscription based program that is fast and covers many of the most important keyword databases. It is sometimes positioned more as a keyword analysis tool than a niche finder. Jim Morris's newsletter, which is provided with the subscription, provides some very valuable information.


Things work out the best when they are done right from the start. If you find the niche that you need up front, the rest of the website development process will be greatly enhanced. The programs listed here provide the tools to make the process of finding a niche easier and more effective.

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