Keyword software is the tool for finding Google Adsense top paying keywords

How to choose keywords - use one of the programs listed here

Keyword software helps you find the keywords that will power your website.

This type of software will easily help you find the most searched for keywords and the Google adsense top paying keywords. The programs provide;

  • search volume
  • competition intelligence
  • ad cost per click
  • traffic volume to expect depending on amount paid

A more detailed discussion of keywords can be found in the SEO software review article.

Keyword Programs

  1. Keyword Elite - This a powerful keyword analysis program primarily geared towards adsense and adwords income. It allows you to create large Keyword Lists which can be easily manipulated. You can select an existing precanned keyword list. You can analyze PPC (pay per click) listings with details on how much is being paid per click, keyword profitability and competitor details. Analyze keyword competition gives you the low down on search volume, number of sites, page rank of the sites etc. for each keyword. Intelligence is also provided for spying on AdWords competition.

    You can see detailed videos of this program at Keyword Elite.

  2. Keyword Spy - This program is geared towards those that want to advertise their product or service on the web with the best results. With minimal clicks you can get all your competitors top keywords and have them saved to text or Excel format. A video summary of the program is available at the Keyword Spy website.
  3. Wordtracker - This is the original keyword analysis program. It provides very useful summary information. The company also provides a wealth of support for keyword research including Wordtracker academy blog, a valuable keyword analysis step by step ebook and other useful articles.
  4. SEOBook Tools - This is a free but powerful keyword tool. It Offers rough suggested daily search volumes by market for Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. It provides links to price estimate tools from Google AdWords.

    It also;

    • Provides links to Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Synonyms, Yahoo! Suggest, and Keyword Discovery keyword research results.
    • Provides links to various vertical databases like, Google Blogsearch, and to let you know if people are talking about your topic and what types of resources they are referencing.
    • Is driven off the Wordtracker keyword suggestion tool. If you sign up for a Wordtracker account they offer many additional keyword research features and tools that are lacking in their basic keyword tool.


    2 things propel your website to the top of search engine listings; the most searched for keywords and plenty of links to your site. Use keyword software to get you lead you to search engine domination.

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