PC vs Mac

Find out which one is for you.

Youíve probably seen the slick ads that Apple has produced to tout the advantages of the Mac over the PC. You can see them at Apple computer ads. Some competing ads have been independently produced that favor the PC such as these PC counter ads. However, the PC world is generally not trying to attract Mac users directly.

Which one is really better? The answer is that it depends.

The Mac is built only by Apple and there are really no clones to speak of. Because of this, Apple can set the rules and make sure that all the parts work together smoothly and cooperatively. As a result, all the software such as word processing programs, spread sheets and picture processing programs work well together. It is very easy to move information from one program to another and you donít find weird errors or glitches occurring in the process of moving.

Connecting the hardware is easy and it works very intuitively. A web camera is built into the system and does not have to be purchased separately.

Additionally, things are designed to work easily with few problems and this is generally the case. The user experience is friendly and error free. Networking on the Mac is a breeze.

However, since there are fewer users of the Mac than PCs, support for sophisticated problems maybe harder to come by. There have been reports of strange crashes and when files are lost they are not recoverable like on the PC but these events are relatively rare.

The Mac has always been superior in working with graphics and multimedia and this is still true although the PC has largely caught up.

On the other hand, the vast majority of the world uses PCís and the entire world produces products for use on the PC first and on the Mac as an afterthought. This is why PC vendors donít need to advertise to draw users from the Mac. Therefore, some kinds of software are built only for the PC. Specialty software, such as software written for different kinds of businesses, may not be available for Apple computers.

New types of software and new features on the web will be available for the Mac later than for the PC. Specialty types of hardware will generally only be supported on the PC. On the other hand, hackers and the people that write viruses get more bang for the buck targeting the PC. This is why the Mac suffers much less from viruses and the like. However, if the Apple computer population grows to a certain level, they might become a target but for now they are usually safer.

The Mac is now built on the same basic hardware base as the PC. This allows the Apple computer to run as a PC. Apple is preparing software called Bootcamp which will allow the Mac to switch between Mac mode and PC mode. This should alleviate software availability issues when this software becomes fully available.

PCs are generally perceived to be faster than Apple computers. Game writers produce their games more for the PC. Additionally, since there is so much competition in the PC marketplace, one can buy a pretty powerful basic machine at a lower price than the entry level Mac.

In summary, for the basic user the Apple computer offers an attractive and productive environment which should be smoother than the general PC experience. However, if you want to remain with the mainstream and possibly save some money the PC provides all that you need.

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