RegSupreme Pro has all the tools you need to do any registry fix

The registry repair feature is highly rated. Excellent documentation and help is provided to get the most from this powerful software suite.

The experienced IT pro can easily tweak and modify her system to squeeze the optimal performance from their system. However, any computer user that is not a guru is also provided with clear guidance and tools to accomplish what they need.

The program clearly indicates which options are safe and which are more risky. Any potentially dangerous activity is preceded by a registry backup so that in case of problems the user can easily undo any changes.

To see a video presentation of the program click here RegSupreme Pro video


The program provides 5 utilities;

  • Software Manager - Windows allows a user to remove installed programs by using the Add or Remove Programs feature of the Control Panel. Not all installed programs get registered so that they appear in Add or Remove Programs list so removing them is a hassle. Additionally, many programs leave over garbage in the registry after being uninstalled. This utility allows for removing all programs and removing all traces of a program.
  • Startup Manager - Many programs start up automatically when Windows starts. If the programs are not useful, they eat up computer resources and slow down the system for no reason. Startup Manager lists all the startup programs and provides descriptions of them. It allows the user to remove undesireable programsfrom the startup list.
  • Registry Manager - Regedit is a program provided by Windows for changing the registry. This tool should generally only be used by experts and with great caution. Registry Manager is a user friendly tool which makes changing the registry easier. It should also be used with caution.
  • Registry Compactor - Since the entire software system uses the registry, keeping the registry compact and free from bloat increases efficiency. Registry Compactor removes all empty space and useless items from the registry to deliver the most compact registry possible.
  • Registry Cleaner - Software operations that are not clean or interrupted can leave garbage or damaged entries in the registry which can cause slow downs and problems. Registry Cleaner detects and cleans all problems.

Registry Cleaner Review

When the user starts the program for the first time, he is presented with a choice of languages.

The program then presents her with a quick brief tutorial on the proper use of the program.

The program will often request to update an internal file cache. This step increases the efficiency of the program and should be allowed.

The program then presents the main control screen where the 5 RegSupreme utilities are displayed. The user clicks on the registry cleaner icon to start this part of the program.

The user is then presented with main registry cleaner screen. The center of the screen indicates the type of scans to be performed. These are detailed internal items and unless you are a computer professional who knows exactly what you are doing, you should leave these settings unchanged. By default, MRU/History data scan and Activex/COM/DCOM/OLE?DDE scan are not selected.

There are 6 tabs on top of the window;

  1. Options - this is the main registry cleaner screen described above.
  2. Mode - There are 2 modes, Normal and Reference. The normal mode looks only for typical types of errors. The reference mode analyzes all types of data. This mode should generally not be used.
  3. Results format - Structured list shows results of the scan in a friendly tree view format. Raw list shows the results in a simple list. This choice is for those used to using jv16 Power Tools.
  4. Advanced Options - This section contains the following settings.
    • Automatically remove all erroneous data (NOT RECOMMENDED) means that the program automatically removesall the found items without asking you. Using this method is not recommended.
    • Fully automatic mode (NOT RECOMMENDED) means that the program automatically does a deep fix without asking you. Using this method is not recommended.
    • Use as little CPU power as possible option tells the program that you are currently doingsomething with your computer and the Registry Cleaner should only use free computerprocessing time.
    • Don't show items that would be automatically re-created. There are certain types of registry datathat will be always re-created, either upon system startup or when you use certain applications.This option allows you to ignore all the registry entries which would be most likely be re-createdeither immediately or almost immediately after removal or modification.
    • Don't pop up the window after finished option is only effective if you minimize the windowduring the scan. If you minimize it, the window will by default pop back up when the job isdone. You can disable that behavior with this option.
  5. Search words - This will show you all instances of a certain word in the registry. Some programs are notorious for leaving garbage in the registry even after they have been uninstalled. This will enable you to find every trace of these programs. Often these traces will block install of a later version of a program when the original version has to be removed first in order to allow the new install.
  6. Ignore words - This will ignore all instances of a certain word in the registry. If you want to be extra sure that the program doesn't tamper with some particular program or feature you can specify that it ignore anything referring to it.

If you have saved your preferences, you can retrieve them from the Saved preferences drop down at the bottom of the screen.

Once you click start, the program will display a progress bar as it scans the registry. The results tree is displayed in the background.

Once complete, a scan report will be generated which indicates the number of errors and their severity in a graphical format. The statistics of the scan are also displayed on another tab on the report.

The user now has 3 choices custom fix (not recommended), fix - a safe fix procedure, and cancel. The user needs to select items in the error report tree so that the program will fix them. The program will ask if you want to backup before you do this. DON'T SKIP THIS STEP. Following the backup, the program will fix the errors and indicate what it did in a status window.

In summary, Macecraft Software's Regsupreme Pro is a safe and powerful tool to keep your registry in tip top shape.

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