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Blog and SEO – Can SEO software help your blog?

People put things up on the web in order to publicize information for one reason or another. SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of doing things to make the search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo etc.) promote you since the way people find things on the web is via the search engines.

The 3 things that need to be done to get traffic to any site, including blogs, is to use popular keywords in the proper way, generate links to your sites and induce the search engine spiders to pay attention to your site. All of these things will cause the search engines to give your site a higher ranking.

SEO software can help in this process. My SEO Software article and my SEO Software review article describes this in detail.

SEO Blogging Software

What software or aids are available to get your blog up there?

General SEO software helps blogs. However, there are certain SEO books, utilities and programs created specifically for blogs. There are packages that will set up a blog for you to do the right things. The eBooks provide crucial information for getting the most from your blog. There are programs that take advantage of the trackback feature to gain valuable links to your blog while collecting useful posts from other blogs to let you easily generate new articles rapidly.

Jeff Johnson has released a package of free SEO blogging software that sets up a new Wordpress blog with various options and settings that can be done fairly easily manually but his package automates all the drudge work. It makes sure that the naming of the blog entries is search engine friendly (the blog name contains the keywords that the article is about) by setting the permalink format (the way your blog post's URL is built) properly. So if your blog is about happy songs, the URL of your blog about the songs of the 80’s would look like -the-80s. It also provides you with useful plugins that are commonly used to improve blog SEO such as the AntiSocial plugin which promotes your blog in the social networking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. It also fills in the ping list of servers to be notified when a new post is added. Andy Beard has reviewed the product and the Davinator has also reviewed this package.

The automatic features are very helpful and the package offers a large number of free videos that offer a wealth of data that can really help you to soup up your blogs SEO. It’s free so there is no downside in getting it and installing it on a new site.

Although this package is helpful in setting up your blog and will save you some time, in my opinion it’s better to understand the principles behind what he is doing and do them yourself. Josh Spaulding has an excellent eBook on this called The Ultimate Blogging Blueprint which is excellent for the beginner and has some great SEO tips for the more experienced bloggers.

Jack Humphries has released 2 powerful programs that solve 2 problems at once. The main problem that bloggers face is the need to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Creating fresh and interesting content is a challenge. Bloggers also need links to rate in the search engines.

Jack Humphries programs solve these problems in an elegant fashion. Both of them search blogs for articles related to keywords that you provide. They then allow you to easily integrate these articles into your blog and set up trackbacks for you so that if the blog that you referred to accepts your trackback you will get a link back to your site. Jack has provided informative videos that describe their operation in detail. Visit Trackboost and Utility Poster to see these programs in action.

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