Which Vista should you choose?

There are only 3 true choices.

The following table summarizes the main Vista versions and their features in comparison to Windows XP.

This table is extracted from www.winsupersite.com;

Vista product edition

Compare with...x64 version?Retail priceUpgrade price
Home BasicXP Home EditionYes$199$99.95
Vista Home PremiumXP Media Center EditionYes$239$159
Vista BusinessXP Professional EditionYes$299$199
Vista Ultimaten/aYes *$399$259
The consensus of most reviewers is the Home Basic is a crippled version of Vista that lacks the new Aero or glass like windows look, media center and it also canít join a network domain. It should be avoided.

Home Premium has aero and the Windows Media Center. However, it canít join a domain. Therefore, if you have a laptop and want to connect it a network at work or at school you very likely will not be able to.

The Business version allows you to connect to a domain but lacks the media center and support for many of the multimedia functions that the average home user will desire such as DVD maker or Movies maker. You will have to choose between connection ability and multimedia functionality.

Vista Ultimate has all the features that anyone could desire in Vista. It also has some premium features exclusive to Ultimate. It has BitLocker Drive Encryption which encrypts the data on your computer so that it is secure against any malicious attempt to get your data. This is especially useful on laptops which might be vulnerable to being pilfered. It also has Dreamscene which allows for video wallpaper. The current set of special programs is still limited but is sure to increase over time.

The bottom line is that the only real choices for the home user or the average small business user are Home Premium, Business or Ultimate.

Good luck with your choice.

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